10 Best Horror Novels for Halloween 2018

With Halloween approaching, you probably want to find ways to get into a spooky mood. What better way to do that than read a spooky book? There are many great horror novels out there that help set the perfect mood for Halloween. These great, yet new Halloween books are what you need to read this October, sure to send chills down your spine and get you ready for All Hallows Eve.

All these book that we are going to highlight here in this post have been published in 2018. It seems they are quite new book to read, though!

Here are the 10 best Horror novels to read this Halloween.

1) The Outsider by Stephen King

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The Outsider” is one of the popular horror novels from the master of modern horror himself, Stephen King. This book begins with a tone similar to a police procedural, but the tone suddenly shifts to that of horror as the novel nears the end.

We follow a police detective as he arrests a popular teacher for the horrific murder of a young boy. However, as he digs deeper into the facts of the case, he learns that he is, in fact, dealing with a supernatural monster.

This story is a certain kind of unique thriller, which makes it perfect for October reading. You likely won’t be able to put it down!

2) The Retreat by Mark Edwards

In this horror novel, we join Julia as she struggles to make a living after the tragic loss of her husband and daughter. She opens her home as a writers’ retreat and meets a horror novelist who becomes obsessed with what happened to her lost daughter.

Weird and haunting events begin happening at the house as the two investigate. This tale brings to mind childhood myths like Bloody Mary and the boogeyman but brings them to an adult audience. This is a very creepy read, filled with a dark atmosphere and a must for your Halloween reading list.

3) The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

Four girls played a game of two truths and lie at summer camp and three sneak out at the dead of night, leaving Emma behind and vanishing. Now an adult, Emma is a painter of dark scenes that has grown very famous in New York City.

When the chance to go to the camp where she played the game comes up, she takes it and tries to learn more about what happened her old camp friends. However, not all is at it seems and learning the truth may be deadly. This novel is excellent at capturing the social interactions between girls while building a very eerie atmosphere.

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4) The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson

In this horror novel, we follow Jake Breaker, a neurosurgeon with strange connections to occult secrets dating back to childhood. This novel manages to capture the feel of childhood, with its terrors and its wonders.

The ghosts and touches of the occult, as well as that unique childhood feeling, make it a perfect book for Halloween.

5) City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

The child of professional ghost hunters can, in fact, see ghosts. Why, her best friend is even a ghost! When her family goes to Scotland, she meets another girl who can see ghosts and learn that it is her duty to help the dead move on to the next world.

She also meets a sinister ghost who does not belong in the world of the living. This is a young adult novel, but even adults can enjoy it. There’s plenty of fear to be found, but there’s a beauty to the writing and epicness to the tail that works with it to give us a great book for Halloween. Buy it here.

6) Hunted by Darcy Coates

When a young woman for missing hiking a remote forest, her camera is found five days later downriver and contains strange images that have to been taken after she vanished. Her brother believes that she is still alive and he rallies his own search party to scour the wilderness.

They soon learn that the disappearance was no accident and that something else is in the forest, as well. This is a great book if you’re looking for mystery and monsters. Read this book right away!

7) The Forbidden Door by Dean Koontz

Jane Hawk was one of the FBI’s top agents but is now one of the most wanted fugitives in the country. She may be the only one who can stop a terrible mind-control plan that will turn the country into mind-controlled the pawns of a secret society.

This is the fourth book in a series, and this one focuses on spreading madness that has been caused by awful brain-altering experiments. Dean Koontz is a master of atmosphere and eeriness, meaning you will enjoy this read as Halloween approaches!

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8) Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie by Harold Schechter

This novel is an interesting and chilling take on history. It is all about the Benders, a family on the Kansas frontier who killed visitors, stripped them of their possessions, and buried them in their apple orchard.

This is a tale of true crime and will be sure to creep you out during October.

9) Obscura by Joe Hart

This near-future horror novel focuses on an aggressive form of dementia that affects victims of all ages. No one knows the origins of the disease and Dr. Gillian Ryan desperately seeks a cure, since she has already lost her husband and is watching her daughter slowly lost herself to it.

His is a harrowing novel that leads our heroine to outer space as she confronts horror and pain. This book builds dread in an incredible way. Even as it terrifies you, you won’t be able to put it down!

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10) The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates

In this horror novel, we join Remy, a guide to the famously haunted Carrow House who has never seen any supernatural activity there. She finds herself hosting seven guests who plan to study the house’s supernatural phenomena.

All goes well until a storm cuts off all contact with the outside world. Suddenly, strange and terrifying things begin happening, leading Remy to think the home’s original long-dead owner, a serial killer, may be stalking the halls of the Carrow House once again.

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