5 Best Australia Travel Guidebooks to Read

Australia is a place of scenic beauty. If you are planning to visit the country in the near future, get some useful travel guide beforehand. Before I take a trip, the first thing that I don’t forget to do is searching and reading a comprehensive travel guidebook written based on a country’s top tourist spots, budget travel guide with tips and advice on things to see and do, where to stay, where to eat, ways to save money and safety & security.

Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia. Photo Credit: Tchami at Flickr.

Besides being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Australia is also a famous wilderness area with deadly animals. I chose these Aussie travel guidebooks as one of the top 5 based on their useful travel resources with expert guides and the quality of reader’s experiences. These are all best when it comes to providing the perfect guide to Australia with featuring up-to-date information on attractions for an unforgettable adventure.

1) In a Sunburned Country

This is a must read for every Australia enthusiast! Photo Credit: Amazon.com.

In a Sunburned Country” is one of the best travel memoirs that every visitor to Australia must read. I am a big fan of Bill Bryson’s book. Often his incredible travel stories astonish me. Reading every page he has written in this astounding book is very interesting with sensitivity and humor. Indeed, Bryson has a wonderful sense of humor and you can experience it once you start reading the book. Please note that is not just a travel guide but much more than that!

Without doubt, it is a great book, contains mixture of history text, travelogue, and the author’s personal travel adventures. While reading this book you would get to know most of the interesting things that belongs to Australian such as the endless coastlines, deadliest animals, dry weather, landscape, culture, nature, foods and so on. He loves traveling and writing! What about you? If you are serious about taking a trip to Australia, don’t forget to read this fabulous book as it gives you plenty of information to know what you will see and do.

2) Fodor’s Essential Australia (Full-color Travel Guide)

If Australia is on your bucket list, reading a travel guide like this one is highly recommended. Australia is a vast country with the breathtaking outdoor beauty almost everywhere. It is a truly magical place to explore. “Fodor’s Essential Australia” features the country’s amazing diversity, from tropical rain forests to incredible underwater reefs, from vineyards to outback adventures, from hikes through Tasmania to fine dining in glorious Sydney.

This incredible travel guide includes many photographs, dozens of full-color maps, major tourist spots (Sydney Opera House, Fraser Island, The Outback, Uluru), useful multiple itineraries to explore the country’s most famous destinations, information about diving in the Great Barrier Reef, ways to exploring Australia’s famous wine region, places to eat and accommodations. Due to have lots of pages with plenty of useful travel guides the book might seem to you heavy. However, read this book and get the best vacation ideas, and budget travel tips.

3) Lonely Planet Australia (Travel Guide)

Visit Australia for an unforgettable adventure, and of course read this book before you go there.

Before my very first trip to Australia I was searching for a useful travel guide to read and take it along the way with me. “Lonely Planet Australia” has made my trip really wonderful providing the useful information that I was searching for. It highlights a good overview of Australia including budget travel guide, colorful maps, photographs, history, itineraries, cultural insights, places to eat, things to do, where to stay and etc.

The book is well written, easy to read and follow the insider tips & expert advice as it has been written by the Lonely Planet’s expert authors who know about Australia better than others. During the course of my travel to Australia’s most stunning places I have managed to find lots of exciting things to experience with money saving tips from this great travel guide. I don’t care which part of Australia you are intend to travel to but be sure to read this because it covers country’s most of the major sightseeing spots. Good luck!

4) National Geographic Traveler: Australia, 5th Edition

Australia is incredibly a beautiful place to discover. If you don’t know how to make your trip unforgettable then why are you going to travel to this country? In fact, “National Geographic Traveler: Australia” is the ideal travel guidebook that you must use it to help with the trip you are planning to Australia. So far I have reviewed the top three and it is the fourth one that often I really love to read and see the impressive photographs provided in this book.

It starts with a detailed introduction to Australia’s history, food, culture, accommodation, and land. In addition, it explores every corner of the country beginning with Sydney. What impresses me the most about the book is the seven guided drives through some of the land’s most spectacular scenery and numerous guided walks in Sydney and Melbourne. You would hardly find this sort of travel info online! In addition, it features very good information on customs and legal when visiting the country.

5) DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Australia

Here is another most recommended Australia travel guide that you should not miss reading. To tell you the truth I am addicted to Australia. Australia’s gorgeous outdoor beauty and friendly citizen have blown my mind away. I loved everything I experienced during my visit to this vast land. I was very keen to know some awesome guided walking tours there and this is the book that has helped figure it out. I was really impressed and you would be too.

Many readers of the book think that this guide is especially great if you are looking for something other than just a list of hotels and restaurants. I totally agree with this statement! DK Eyewitness Travel Guide’s insider travel tips and essential local information would definitely help you explore the best of Aussie, region-by-region. It is just awesome to see how everything is organized quite nicely and effectively to help you planning a trip or helping the reader to get the most out of a pre planned tour.

If you are looking for a travel guide especially written on Sydney, please read this book “Top 10 Sydney (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide)” – Enjoy reading it!

Have you read any of these travel guidebooks? Have you ever been to Australia? I would like to see your opinion, so please share your experience and insights in the comments box below.

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