10 Best Children’s Books of All Time

If you are looking for some classic children books that are easy to read and understand then you have come to the right spot. Here I have selected 10 all time favorite kid’s books that your children would seriously like to read. The stories of these books are quite interesting and imaginative at the same time. In addition, each and every story on the list is inspiring. Consider these as the perfect children’s bedtime books though! Some of these stories would teach you a great lesson, no doubt about that.

Mom reads a book, probably that is a bed time story! Photo Credit: Lars Plougmann at Flickr.

According to my experience as a reader, a children book has to be well illustrated with colorful pictures and appealing stories. And the book list you are going to see here is packed with all these features. Probably, just right after looking at the list, you may argue with me why I have not included this and that book! Anyway, it is my personal choice; I believe these are the best classic kid’s books that I have come across so far in my life.

1) Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Photo Credit: Amazon.com.

One of my intentions of writing this article is that I want to help you to find out the best classic children books. My first choice on this genre is called Goodnight Moon. It was published on September 3rd, in 1947 by Margaret Wise Brown. Perhaps “Goodnight Moon” is the ideal kid’s bedtime book you should read to them with simple phrases. The one who thinks this as a dump book should clearly concentrate on the words written in the book and the colorful simple illustrations. In fact, it is all about a small rabbit who says goodnight to all the objects and pets in his room. I believe this book encourages a sense of great gratitude for whatever is around us. It is a great lesson! It is cheap and makes a great gift!

2) Charlotte’s Web


A book cannot be classic within a moment unless there is some supernatural power or something like that. Just to inform you that the book “Charlotte’s Web” was an ordinary book when it was freshly published. It was the real scenario though its impressive illustrations and touching story transformed the book into a classic one.

In fact, it is a children’s novel. It teaches your kids to know what really a friendship means to every living being. In addition, the story highlights a beautiful farm life of a girl called Fern and her friends such as Charlotte (spider), Wilbur (pig) and etc. Thanks a million to the author of this book, E. B. White for writing this a wonderful touching novel.

3) Where the Red Fern Grows

Just by hearing from someone else, you never feel the real taste of certain dishes until you taste them separately. Likewise, don’t just read the reviews online better read the book and reveal the story inside. “Where the Red Fern Grows” is a classic children’s novel written by the author Wilson Rawls, published in 1961.

The story is about an epic adventure of Billy and his two beloved dogs. This is one of the greatest novels I have ever read in my childhood. What about you? If you are keen to know what really the freedom of childhood means then it is a must read book for you. It is highly recommended! The story is full of love, emotion, devotion, courage and responsibility.

4) A Long Walk to Water

The reason I have included this book on the list is that I want your kids should realize the reality of a life of hardship. In western culture, hardly we see children take a long walk to get some water to support their family. But in Africa and Asia some children have to go through this sort of struggling experience where supply of water is limited.

The story of this book is based on a true story, where you will be reading about two characters, Salva (the 11 year old Sudanese lost boy) and Nya (the 11 year old girl who walks 8 hours to fetch water twice every single day).

Although their life stories could be horrifying and sad, this is an extremely powerful book that you must read this to learn something from. I am sure you would be thankful to me. Please note that “A Long Walk to Water” is a short novel written by Linda Sue Park.

5) The BFG

What do you do when you meet with a stranger? Not all the strangers we meet down the street can be trusted! Can they be?

In this book you will meet a young orphaned girl called Sophie who meets a Giant named The BFG. The BFG is a total fantasy novel with mystery. To Sophie, the BFG is a total stranger. Though soon they become good friends of each other but something goes wrong. What happens there?

To tell you the truth, the story is amazing and this is a real page turner. Your kids would absolutely love to read this over and over again. To be honest with you, I used to read this book quite often when I was a 7th grade student. The BFG was published in 1982 by Roald Dahl (One of my favorite British novelists).

6) Fish In A Tree

This book was published about two years ago (written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt), but now it has become one of the top modern classic children’s books and a New York Times Bestseller. “Fish in a tree” – do you believe in this? It sounds really stupid though. However, the main character of the novel, Ally who herself believes that she is incapable of learning in many ways. I don’t want to say much about Ally here because when you read this book you would reveal her characters along with her beloved friends and the teachers especially Mr. Daniels.

We the human being are not completely perfect in all aspect of life, we may deal with dyslexia. In fact, I had such a kind of problem when I was a student. I really did not care of that! I was happy with what I had at that time and now I am thankful to my parents and teachers who helped me all the way to achieve my ultimate goals. Anyway, read this incredible book to overcome the bad things a student might face at school.

7) Watership Down

Firstly, I want to say that this book is for all ages! A life without problem is a kind of a rare thing. Everyone deals with it.

The book “Watership Down” by Richard Adams, gives you a picture of a bunch of bunnies who are the victims of urbanization.

The story is all about rabbits that are on the move trying to find a new warren and survival. Their adventures begin right from the start. The story you will be reading can’t disappoint you if you are a real animal lover, I promise! Please note that it is recommended for older children.

8) The Little Price

There is nothing good when someone presents you a book as a gift. In the past, I received a gift from my beloved uncle on my birthday. It was not toy or something like that but a precious book that I used to read every day. Yes it was the book called “The Little Prince.” I think it is one of the classic children books ever written in the world which has been translated into more than 250 languages and dialects.

When we take a look at the characters of this novella, we see a pilot (the narrator) who has crashed his plane in the Sahara desert, and the young boy (known as the little prince who falls to Earth to meet the pilot). When you start reading the book you will get familiar with other interesting characters as well. It is a powerful book, the most charming and beautiful things I have ever read. The illustration is simple but great. Honestly, the author – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has crafted the book beautifully.

9) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (The Illustrated Edition)

People like reading Harry Potter book series. It is the truth. And it is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. I don’t want to highlight all the books of Harry Potter here but the first one known as “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” Harry is the icon million of children all over the world. Don’t you think so? Apart from reading the books, they also love watching Harry Potter movies.

However, I really don’t know where to start from when it comes to reviewing this classic fantasy novel. In a few words, Harry is an orphan who attends at Hogwarts School (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry). I admit that there are lots of well crafted reviews you can find online. And I believe most of you know the story of the book already so no other reviews needed. Better if you want to collect a fresh new copy of illustrated edition then order your copy here. Thank you.

10) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Here it comes the last one “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See“. This is neither a novel nor a story book but you find it very special for your little kids. It is a popular children’s picture book and said to be a perfect book to read for toddlers. The illustrations and texts are fabulous. The narrator asks various animals what they see and in response they answer every question with something suspicious and humor! Read the following texts given below:

“Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?”
“I see a red bird looking at me.”

“Red bird, red bird, what do you see?”
“I see a yellow duck looking at me.”

It is a must have book for Kindergarten teachers as well as parents who could read the texts during the bedtime of their children. Thanks to the author Bill Martin, Jr. and Illustrator Eric Carle for creating this wonderful classic children’s picture book.

These are my all time favorite children’s books. What about yours?! Please read these classic children’s books to your kids, they would enjoy hearing the stories.

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