10 Best Halloween Books for Kids (Not too Spooky)

What are the best children’s Halloween books? As Halloween is about to come, perhaps it is the best time for you to find some awesome children’s bedtime stories that are spooky, funny, and perfect to read on Halloween night. There is a number of ways you can celebrate a Halloween day with your kids. The most impressive thing you could do on this day is throwing a fun spooky party.

Halloween Pumpkin! Photo Credit: John Nakamura Remy at Flickr.

The party could include outdoor scary Halloween decorations, craving pumpkins, having fun wearing unique Halloween costumes, playing some creepy board games, watching horror movies on TV (that are not too spooky), and reading fun horror stories. However, I have always loved the tradition of reading spooky stories at night on the day. To keep your kids entertained all day I have bought some of the great children’s Halloween books here. Enjoy!

1) Goodnight Goon: a Petrifying Parody

A truly classic bedtime book for kids! Photo Credit: Amazon.com.

Making ghost noises “Who is not still ready for sleep? Show up immediately, I want to surprise you with this fun spooky book.” No panic, as I am not a monster neither a ghost but here to review this classic children’s Halloween book. I am a bookworm who often doesn’t bother reading children’s book.

Listen, Goodnight Goon is a wonderful, fun parody of the children’s classic, “Goodnight Moon.” How interesting! This version is absolutely great with the story and the colorful illustrations. It suits well to bring the real Halloween spirit. Read this fantastic book to your son and daughter on their bedtime, hopefully your time will not be wasted as they would fall in asleep at once. And your kids would be absolutely delighted if you present it to them as a Halloween gift.

2) The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Is she going to be afraid of something this time?

The tale is about a little old lady who is not afraid of anything. One autumn night she makes her way home through a dark and scary forest. On the way, she comes across a pair of old shoes that walk all by themselves, floating pair of pants, shirt, gloves, hat and finally a huge scary pumpkin head. Does it sound interesting or spooky?

As the lady is not afraid of anything, don’t you think it is the time to encounter the horrible moment that she has never experienced before? Find what happens next reading the story yourself. Please note that the illustrations of this classic book are pretty wonderful that little children will want to look at over and over again. Buy here.

3) Room on the Broom

Where are they heading to?

The book “Room on the Broom” offers you a sweet story to read and great repetitive rhymes. An absolute bliss! Please note that it makes a perfect gift idea for a child under the age of 8. This is kind of a funny witch story who accompanies a little cute cat.

One day they together fly through the sky on a broomstick when the wind picks up and blows away the witch’s hat, then her bow and finally her wand. Fortunately, there are three helpful animals out there to find the missing items of the witch. In return they all want is a ride on the broom. Is it going to be problem for the witch? Probably it is as they are going to encounter a giant red dragon on the way. What happens thereafter?

4) Ten Timid Ghosts (Read With Me Paperbacks)

Take a look at the faces of the ten timid ghosts.

Whether you are a nanny or kindergarten teacher you have to have a book that could make you a real hero to the children you deal with. Ten Timid Ghosts tells you a tale of the ten timid ghosts and one clever witch. These 10 timid ghosts live in a haunted house. They like haunting their house like always but all of a sudden a witch decides to move in to their kingdom.

She tries to apply all kinds of scary spooky tricks to make them flies away from their house. Would any of the ghosts figure it out and teach the witch a great lesson? The story is superb and darling with awesome illustrations and I know it is going to be one of the best books they would like to read even if it is not Halloween.

5) Big Pumpkin

What a massive pumpkin this is!

I am not here to feature the awful Halloween stories for your kids! Again take a look at this book, it is hilarious. In fact, it is a nice Halloween themed children’s book. An old witch plants a seed and grows a giant pumpkin. Now she wants to make some yummy pumpkin pie for Halloween. Unfortunately, she can’t get it off the vine as the pumpkin is so big.

What to do now? She struggles to move it. In fact, no one can move it. The witch, vampire, ghost, and mummy all try to move it but everyone fails individually. But there is someone who knows how to move it. Yes a clever little bat has the idea to get the job done. Want to know? Then read the book and find how he does it! Buy here.

6) Halloween Hustle

The funny monsters are dancing on their own!

When you start reading this book, instead of begin frightened you would be laughing out with your children. Halloween hustle is such a wonderful funny Halloween book that readers of all ages would find it enjoying. Why not? Here you meet with a Skeleton who grooves across the town. He is on the way to the dancing contest or so called Ghost Halloween night party.

He meets with Frankenstein, Witch, and Mummy at the bus stop and swing around the bus stop sign because he knows it is best time for doing the Halloween Hustle. You know what happens? Due to the non-stop dancing his bones scatter! Anyway, can he stay in one piece long enough to make it to the party? Find out how everything is done in the end. This cheap kid’s book captures the real Fall and Halloween spirit, no doubt.

7) Too Many Pumpkins

Wow! See all these pumpkins…….

Too Many Pumpkins” is not a spooky book but something that is related to autumn and Halloween. It is a wonderful story comes in brightly colored illustrations. I actually love it. The story you would be reading here is really charming and great. To be honest with you it is one of my favorite fall books. Also the cover of this book reminds me of cool autumn season. How wonderful! I guess you used to hate eating pumpkin in your childhood. Am I right? In fact, I hated it so much even though we had no pumpkin field near our home but only beautiful green paddy fields.

Rebecca Estelle – the main character of this story, hates thinking about pumpkin let alone eating! One day, she notices a giant pumpkin falls off an overload truck and smashes into here yard. Immediately she buries the mess so she wouldn’t have to look at it. The following year in autumn, she is horrified seeing the sea of pumpkins in the fields. What is she going to do now?

8) The Hallo-wiener

I love dog very much! Dog stories always impress me, and this one is no different. In fact, if you are a dog lover and looking to read a perfect Halloween book this year then why don’t you read this? You will be pleased. Read it out loud so that your child enjoy the story. The wonderful illustrations of this book are very eye-catching.

Oscar is a short wiener dog, he is sweet and quite appealing but the problem is other dogs make fun of him. How poor! Anyway, his mom makes a giant hot dog bun costume (complete with mustard) for him to celebrate upcoming Halloween. He thinks it as a silly costume but there is something you should discover in this story. Anyway, he is going to be a hero in the end! You can buy this book here.

9) The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

Here, you have to sing the classic song the wheels on the bus while reading this book but in Halloween style. That’s the fact! The book is a humorous Halloween-themed version of the classic song The Wheels on the Bus. It is a haunted Halloween bus ride that will have your children singing with excitement.

Your kids can develop Halloween related vocabularies reading this wonderful funny spooky book. The illustrations of “The Spooky Wheels on the Bus” are bright and the story is classic! Grab some cookies, read it right away, learn the lyrics and find out the passengers of this bus. You might know them!

10) At the Old Haunted House

Have you ever been to any haunted house before? I have been to some and everything looked creepy there. I don’t want to share my experience here because I am scared a little bit. Anyway, “At The Old Haunted House” is all about an old haunted house that is home to an assortment of creatures from “a warty green witch and her wee witchy one” to goblins, vampires, bats, black cats, werewolves, spiders, and more.

It is interesting to see that on each page, the creatures increase in number from one to ten. Your kids may count each of the monsters he/she finds on each page of this book. Don’t you think it is educational? However, At the Old Haunted House is what you need to buy as a gift for your beloved kids for this year Halloween. This wonderfully illustrated book is colorful and very interesting to read.

These are the best children’s Halloween books I could recommend you. Hopefully you would pick one of these books, read them and have a great time together. Happy Halloween!

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