5 Best Origami Books for Beginners

Searching for some very good origami books that are useful and designed especially for beginners? I have read some and I’m hoping to introduce them here in this post one by one. I assume you know what origami is, don’t you? It is one of the highly valued Japanese arts practiced by millions of people all over the world. I used to go to a school where I was taught the basic origami techniques which included making paper made object such as cranes, flowers, butterfly, boat, star and many more.

Origami making! Photo Credit: Visible Ink Valley at Flickr.

It was real fun making such cute objects made of a piece of paper. In fact, I believe learning origami is a fun activity. If you are interested in this paper folding art and have fallen in love with it already then why are you waiting for? Start your journey by reading one of the following books that I recommend you. These books show you about how to produce beautiful origami models in a very simple way. Let’s read the books, learn the simple ideas, develop our creativity, and impress others!

1) Origami for Beginners: The Creative World of Paper Folding

Here in this book, every lesson is worth trying! Photo Credit: Amazon.com

The Origami for Beginners” is one of the notable origami books to read that every beginner should start with. It is cheap, easy to understand, and very addicting! It comprise of creative fun origami projects, step-by-step instructions, colorful diagram and photographs.

If you really have a special interest in paper craft, this book is the perfect one that definitely leads you learning awesome creative handmade paper objects. Follow the instructions from the book, and don’t be disappointed at all if you fail to make an object perfectly. Just keep practicing hard; I am sure someday you would discover yourself as a good Origami artist. All the best!

2) Easy Origami

Learning origami online might be a great way to start off for novices. I am not against it rather I would like you to learn some basic origami shared by many on different websites. Though if you have a book like “Easy Origami” then needless to say that it would make your origami journey quite enjoyable. The instructions given for each creation is very easy to follow and comes in eye-catching illustrations.

If you are thinking to buy this book for your children, make sure you buy this along with a pack of origami paper. She/he would love to make things out the sheets provided by you. There is a collection of 32 simple projects for beginners that include making rabbit, swan, pigeon, cup, hat, penguin and many more objects.

3) Origami Omnibus: Paper Folding for Everybody

Origami Omnibus is arguably one of the top classic origami books ever published for beginners, according to my school origami teacher. He actually recommended this great book to me including other pupils in the class. He used to say that this was the best of the best book to use for Origami beginners. In fact, that is why I have selected this book to feature it here.

The author of this book “Kunihiko Kasahara” – is a widely renowned origami artist residing in Japan, explains more than 250 projects of many different types and levels of difficultly. It is fun to read and learn all the origami instructions as there are projects contain traditional and modern paper-folding methods.

4) Fun with Origami: 17 Easy-to-Do Projects and 24 Sheets of Origami Paper

Sometimes it is really easy to fold simple origami models though it depends on proper implementation. If it goes wrong then the failure comes in, no doubt about that! This book is designed to teach you proper implementation when it comes to making origami objects.

Fun with Origami” is a really cool book as it comes in 25 sheets of colorful Origami paper. Therefore if you buy this you don’t need to buy an origami kit. If you read this book, I guess handmade home décor ideas as part of party favor and presents are no longer be a hard task for you.

5) Origami to Astonish and Amuse

Your kids may insist you to buy a great origami book where most of the projects are carefully explained. If you think that’s the book you have been searching for then I would gladly suggest you to buy this one. The book is certainly not only for beginners but also for the ones who have already got enough knowledge in Origami.

It contains hundreds of entertaining creative models and simple folding ideas, ranging from breathtaking simple to ridiculously complex. If you are interested in Origami to entertain young and adults, please don’t hesitate to buy this fantastic book, collect as soon as possible before someone you may know steal the ideas from the book.

The books that have been selected as “the top 5 origami books for beginners” are quite interesting to read, easy to follow the instructions, beautifully illustrated, and inspiring for newbie learners. If you have read any of these books listed above please share your own opinion. I would love to hear!

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