10 Best Tintin Comic Books Everyone Should Read

The first comics of The Adventures of Tintin by the cartoonist Hergéwere published in 1929 and since then the series has become a classic for both children and adults.

The series describes the adventures of young Belgian reporter Tintin, who is accompanied by his loyal dog Snowy and a cast of unique, striking characters.

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Fun, thrilling, and occasionally subtlety sophisticated, The Adventures of Tintin are well worth your time to read. They also make a great gift for boys and girls, too.

The Adventures of Tintin has been split up into multiple books, each covering one of the hero’s many adventures around the world. Here are the ten best Tintin books.

1) The Crab with the Golden Claws

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Tintin follows a series of leads to a group of criminals who have been smuggling opium in crab tins.

His attempt to escape from them eventually leaves him struggling to survive in the Sahara desert, but he soon finds that he’s not away from the clutches of the drug cartel yet.

This is an exotic, old school ale, reminding readers of movies like Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and even Casablanca.

The 2011 computer animated movie was adapted from this story and two other, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure. Many regard it as the most definitive Tintin book and it is the best place to start.

2) Tintin in Tibet

Tintin goes to the Himalayas to search for a friend of his who was on a plane that crashed in the mountains. Mystical visions, freezing weather, and the great mysterious yeti are found throughout the journey.

Many believe that this book has the most spectacular art of the Tintin series. It has been the biggest selling book in Tibet and was the author’s favorite Tintin adventure.

The intense friendships in the book make this book seem like a rescue movie, especially in combination with the incredible artwork. Give this tale of friendship and daring-do a read.

3) The Castafiore Emerald

A more domesticated adventure than most, in this story Tintin attends a small gathering at his friend’s mansion.

The attending diva, Bianca Castafiore, makes the evening difficult and several days later, begins to find her jewels missing. Tintin and friends investigate.

This is a fairly comedic story, with many red herrings and a great deal of absurdity. This story is an interesting break from Tintin’s normal thrills and offers readers a fun look at the character’s lives and their world.

4) The Red Sea Sharks

The distant turmoil of the land ruled by Tintin’s acquaintance the Emir of Khemed has come visiting when the Emir sends his son to live in Belgium for his safety. Tintin and friends soon find themselves dodging assassination attempts.

As they try to learn what is going on, they become embroiled in an international adventure and an attempt to stop a heinous international slavery ring.

This is an intensely thrilling tale. It’s an interesting exploration of Tintin’s world and is much more complicated than most Tintin stories.

The slavery aspect makes this a darker story than most, but there are plenty of flashes of humor and more than enough action to keep the tale from being depressing. If you want to learn more about Tintin’s world, give this a read. Buy this great comic of tintin adventure.

5) The Blue Lotus

Tintin starts this book in India, where he’s approached by a Chinese visitor who is poisoned as he delivers a message to Tintin.

Our hero begins looking for the killer and starts on a journey across Asia, fighting a secretive opium cartel with a long, powerful reach.

This adventure has a more realistic, international feel since Tintin is dealing with real-world tensions between the Japanese and the Chinese. Give this a read to see one of the interesting books in the Tintin series.

6) The Secret of the Unicorn

This was one of the three Tintin adventures used to create the 2011 computer animated movie and also lent the movie its title in much of the world.

This is a story of the search for a map to lost treasure, tangled in old family feuds and the acts of one petty criminal. Rather than a thrilling adventure, this is more of a traditional detective mystery.

There’s a fun dose of high seas adventure as well, and you will enjoy reading this book. Check it out now.

7) Prisoners of the Sun

Tintin and friends go to Peru to try and have another friend from kidnappers. The quest through the Andes to find a lost Incan civilization.

The heroes are swept along by events out of their control and only overcome mortal peril through luck and quick thinking.

Clever and balanced, this story is an iconic Tintin adventure. May regard this as the most balanced and well-paced of the Tintin stories. Pick this up to join in on an amazing adventure through lost lands.

8) Red Rackham’s Treasure

This high seas adventure finds Tintin using the map discovered at the end of The Secret of the Unicorn to hunt for a pirate’s lost treasure. This story was one of the three used in the 2011 computer animated film.

This story has a lot of detective elements and some historical riddles. This is a great tale of Tintin’s time as an explorer and includes the interesting visual of a submarine that looks like a shark. Read it to enjoy an old-fashioned treasure hunt.

9) The Calculus Affair

A thunderstorm comes to disrupt normal everyday life and a dead man is found. Tintin and friends investigate to find more going on than they originally thought possible.

This story tells a tale reminiscent of James Bond. Many regard this book as the best Tintin book, a perfect combination of excellent pacing, sharp artwork, and smart plot.

10)The Black Island

Tintin sees a plane land in the Belgian countryside. When he goes to offer help, he is shot by the pilot. After he recovers, he and his dog follow several leads to uncover a criminal conspiracy.

This is a very popular Tintin story. This is a detective story/adventure story hybrid, full of plenty of exciting twists and turns. Join countless others in enjoying this delightful tale. Buy it now.

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